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The Declaration of Palm Rights (January, 2006)

By Alain Hervé. La Passion des Palmiers, Editions ROM. Nice. 1995. P. 14

- Palms in captivity, decorating hotels, restaurants and other public places, have the right to be regularly watered and not to have their pots full of butts.

- Palms living in towns have the right to keep their leaves while still green. Only those that are dead can be cut off for safety. When green leaves are cut photosyntesis is affected and growth slows down. Palms in their natural habitat are not visited by tree surgeons and keep their leaves as long as they wish. Wahingtonia filifera keeps the same leaves for many years and it is this huge skirt which makes this species so beautiful.

- Palms have the right not to be hacked at just to allow cars to pass.

- Palm trunks have the right to remain intact. They are not to be used as notice boards or to hang lights or electrical wiring.

- Palms from shady places shall not be planted in full sun, and viceversa. They would not have chosen to grow anywhere unsuited to their nature.

- Free palms from pots that force the roots to coil up and prevent them from searching for deep soil, coolnesh and dark pleasures we are unaware of.

- Do not do to palms what you would not have done to yourself.

By acknowledging and respecting other living creatures mankind ultimately proves he is truly humane.