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Microcycas calocoma, an old prehistoric (October, 2008)

Documentary produced by Loasur S.L. and directed by Paco Lomeña, dedicated to the great defender of the Cuban flora and of the Microcycas, Maria Géigel.

A visit to the National Park of Viñales, in the western extreme of Cuba, in search of the "palm cork", Microcycas calocoma . The different habitats where this prehistoric jewel is found, the studies on its reproduction and the conservation methods that at present are being carry out.

In collaboration with CITMA and the Centro Ecovida de Pinar del Río (Cuba) and contributions from Jorge Ferro Díaz, Yuriet Farrer y Yoel Martínez; Armando Urquiola of the Botanical Garden of Pinar del Río; Luzgarda González Géigel and Julio Lezcano of the National Botanical Garden of Havana.; and Carmen Miranda.

Duration: 35´30”

Language: Spanish